Unseen Designs

What is dance but a play of mass and energy in a continuum of time and space?

Unseen Designs is an artistic response to the wonders of the universe. The film reflects in dance, spoken word, music and image on current scientific thought and hopes to evoke greater curiosity amongst the general public on the mysteries of the world around us.  It lasts as long as it takes sunlight to travel from the Sun to the Earth.

A chance encounter at FACT Liverpool with scientists and artists from [email protected] inspired a team of artists from different disciplines to collaborate to create a piece that crosses the boundary between science and art.

An Arts Council England grant for research and development made it possible to work with Draw & Code Immersive Experience Studio to explore the idea further and to have a successful sharing of a pilot version in the Planetarium at World Museum Liverpool.   

Internationally acclaimed artist Gina Czarnecki has edited the material generated in the R&D to make this short film for Chaturangan.